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Aussie players, put yourself in the shop window and take control of your own career. Our platform is designed to help you discover exciting opportunities in Australian football, connecting you directly with Aussie clubs that match your skills and ambitions. Whether you’re an emerging talent or an experienced player looking for a new challenge, ClubMatch is here to support your journey.

Take control of your football career.

Whether you aspire to play at a higher level, seeking a new challenge or simply moving towns, ClubMatch provides you with the platform to discover and connect with clubs that suit your aspirations. Our database ensures that you can easily find clubs that could be offering exciting opportunities including incentives such as match payments that can assist you with your move.

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Joining ClubMatch not only connects you with clubs but also expands your network within the Australian football community. By engaging with our platform, you have the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with players, coaches, and professionals in the industry. It’s a numbers game…the more connections you make the more possibilities there will be.

Ashfield Sports Club

Ashfield is a central club in the 4th tier of Australian Football, offering excellent facilities and a strong emphasis on playing high-quality football within a fantastic environment. Currently in a rebuilding phase, the club has a strategic 5-year plan aimed at aggressively pursuing promotion. It serves as an ideal choice for players seeking an entry point into Australian Football, as they prioritize individual development and assist in securing future opportunities if players outgrow the league.

Lynbrook Falcons Sports Club

Lynbrook Falcons Sports Club, founded just three years ago, continues to experience steady growth and development. As an active participant in the VIC Metro League, we are driven to achieve promotion into the prestigious State League. Catering to players of all ages, from Under 6’s to Seniors, we extend a warm invitation to anyone interested in joining our ranks.

Riverside Olympic FC

As active participants in the TAS NPL1 competition, we are currently seeking domestic Australian players for the ongoing 2023 season. In preparation for the following year, we are also open to recruiting overseas players for the upcoming 2024 season. If you’re passionate about football and eager to join a competitive team, we welcome your interest and encourage you to get in touch.

Canberra Croatia FC

Founded by Croatian immigrants in 1958 as a space for community socialisation and sports, Croatia Deakin Soccer Club became an incorporated body in 1967, and today it proudly hosts Canberra Croatia FC, the most successful football club in the nation’s capital, while also thriving as Canberra Deakin Football Club with teams in Capital Football NPL and a vibrant junior club.

Corio Soccer Club

We are actively competing in the highly competitive Victorian State League, known for its quality on par with NPL2 or 3 standards. As an ambitious club, we are seeking talented players in all positions to strengthen our team for both the current and upcoming seasons. If you are driven, skilled, and ready to contribute to our pursuit of success, we welcome your interest and encourage you to join our ranks.

Melbourne City FC

Founded in 1990, Melbourne City has a rich history that spans over three decades, with the club name becoming synonymous with football in the region. The establishment of Melbourne City was made possible through the invaluable assistance of the C.A.V. (Centro Argentino de Victoria), an Argentine community organisation based in Melbourne, which played a pivotal role in bringing the club to fruition and nurturing its growth.

Middle Park FC

Middle Park FC is a club located a club situated in the beautiful area of Albert park In Melbourne. The club has been around since 1969 and has enjoyed many years of success. The club has a range of teams from our metro sunday squads to our football Victoria state league 3 south east men’s teams.

Dunsborough Town FC

DTFC is a community-focused club with a strong emphasis on family values. Our vision is to further enhance the accomplishments of our teams in recent years and establish ourselves as a center of excellence in the South West region. With an unwavering belief in possession-based football and a proactive, collective, and creative playing style, our club is founded upon the core values of respect, effort, ambition, teamwork, and humility. Currently competing in the SWSA Premier League, we strive for continued growth and success.

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Stop waiting to be scouted. Join us to discover exciting opportunities, connect with your dream club, and make an impact on the Australian football scene. It’s time to take charge of your football career, connect with passionate Aussie clubs, and blaze your path to greatness.

Within 4 weeks of creating a ClubMatch profile, Dali made his debut for his new Aussie Club. Accommodation and Employment was organised by the club and in return, Dali provided a goal and an assist in his first game.
Dali Khanoussi
Success Story

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! ClubMatch allows you to create a comprehensive player profile, showcasing your skills, achievements, and aspirations. It’s your opportunity to make a strong impression on club scouts and showcase what sets you apart.

Yes, ClubMatch caters to players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a young talent eager to take your first steps in the football world or a seasoned player looking for a new challenge, ClubMatch has opportunities tailored to your needs.

No, ClubMatch focuses exclusively on connecting players with Australian clubs. We are dedicated to providing opportunities within the Australian football landscape, allowing you to explore local clubs and showcase your talent within the domestic football community.

No. While we are here to answer any questions you have along the way, the beauty of ClubMatch is that we allow YOU to negotiate your own set of terms before deciding on the right player/club. Like any big decision, asking the right questions and performing your own research on a club or player is going to be so important. And our biggest tip, is that if you don’t feel comfortable with the person you are dealing with, trust your instinct and keep looking elsewhere. 

For Players, Video highlights or Footage of you playing in a match are going to be the highest on a clubs priority list. After this, photos, a list of your previous clubs, your best skills/qualities and your current location are things every coach will want to know. Put simply, the more information you put in your profile, the more likely a club will want to connect.

ClubMatch provides a secure and user-friendly messaging system that allows players and clubs to communicate directly. You can discuss contract details, negotiate terms, and ask any questions to ensure a smooth and transparent process.

Absolutely! ClubMatch is dedicated to supporting players throughout their journey. Our team is available to answer any queries, offer guidance, and provide assistance whenever you need it. We are committed to your success on and off the field.

No, the Football doesn’t. But the type of work that you do in the regional location is what does. Most clubs located in a suitable regional postcode will understand that the main reason you are open to a regional move is to play football while completing your farm days – and they will want to HELP. Incentives such as assistance to find employment and accommodation have almost become standard when trying to attract talent to their club. 
As a tip: If the club indicates it’s in a regional area then it most likely qualifies. Metro clubs will not.

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